Regret is a common emotion that we often feel when we look back at our past mistakes. We regret not taking risks when it came to pursuing certain things while we also regret making mistakes, usually in regards to relationships and people. We often think, “In a perfect world _________ would have worked out the way I wanted it to.”

I’m especially guilty of trying to go back in time and change the things that obviously can’t be changed. I try to imagine how differently life could have turned out if just one thing had a different outcome. But let’s be realistic, this is far from a perfect world. We all make mistakes, and we unintentionally hurt those that we love.

But despite the mistakes we’ve made, the people we’ve hurt, and the regrets that we have, we also have a God who restores and brings vindication. I’ve watched got bring restoration to families where others would have though the damage was irreparable. We might not live in a perfect world, but we do have a perfect God who only has good in store for us.

While the things of my past may be painful, I’ve experienced His healing and life in ways I never would have though imaginable. Truth is, I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t made some of those choices. I do still wish I could take some things back, but overall, I wouldn’t change the journey because my present and my future are better than I could have ever imagined.