This past week I’ve been reminded so many times of how big things usually start as small things. Most successful companies started out as small ideas that eventually grew and prospered into something that continues to impact us today. Every tree that we see started from just a small seed. But seeds will never become something big unless they’re planted.

I’m in a season where I feel like I’m sowing and pouring my time and energy into a lot of different things. When in the season of planting, it can be easy to get discouraged because we want to see the fruit, but fruit doesn’t grow overnight. A harvest requires both the planting and the perseverance. Sometimes the things that will produce the largest harvest and have the biggest impact may take several generations to come to fruition.

Even the seeds that I’m planting now didn’t really start with me because I’ve had parents and others praying and sowing into my life for decades. Sowing and reaping is a continual cycle that God established on the earth when He created it. He also promises that He will give seed to the sower.

All of us have something we can sow into fertile ground, and those who sow are the ones who are given more seed. I’ve learned that we never really know how much we have to pour out until we start doing it. So yes, sometimes I’m willing to let myself be stretched, but it’s because I know there’s a future of abundance on the horizon.