Like many other people my age, I often get a serious case of wanderlust and proceed to look up various locations on my travel itinerary with hopes that I will one day travel the world. Unfortunately, many talk about traveling, but circumstances prevent them from ever traversing outside the bubble they’ve been accustomed to.

I’ve been fortunate enough that my parents took me and my brother on trips when we were younger, so I’ve been to several countries that others only dream of seeing. With that though, the idea of seeing all of Europe is more than just a pipe dream that will happen “someday.” To me, it’s a realistic goal, and one of the many reasons why I have been in no rush to get married. I can’t marry someone who is okay with the idea of not seeing what else is out there.

Over the years though, I’ve also learned the value of having someplace to come back to. There are those who have spent their lives never being rooted in a place for long, never calling a place home for more than a couple years. I’ve gotten to see the balance of both seeing the world and having somewhere to call home.

The place that I call home has changed much over the past few years, but every time I walk into my church, I can feel it. Whenever I walk into my house and can feel the peacefulness, I know that I’ve found a place where I belong and I’m free to grow. Even though I make plans to travel to Rome and an ever-growing list of destinations, I can say without a doubt that there’s no place like home.