In the eye of the storm…

Ever since I was four years old, I’ve lived in the Midwest. While I’ve experienced my fair share of tornado warnings and basement nights, I’ve never had to experience what it’s like being in a hurricane. My parents, on the other hand, grew up in the Caribbean and have stories of what it’s like. But just because I’ve never experienced a physical hurricane doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced an emotional or spiritual one.

It’s pretty much inevitable that throughout life, we’ll weather many storms, some of which are of our own volition, but some that are out of our control. While every storm is different, there’s one thing that’s consistent among hurricanes: the eye, the center. In the midst of every storm is a place of calm, a rest from the winds. God never promised smooth sailing, but He has promised that we can find peace in the midst.

Some people would rather brave the winds than make God the center, but I won’t take my chances. Choosing anything but Him will ultimately shipwreck us, if not in this storm, then in the next. He doesn’t cause the storms, but those to run to Him can find protection and strength in the midst of them.

Right now, I feel like I’m the eye of a storm, watching the winds and waves churn, but knowing that I’m anchored in place by my hope in Him. I feel the peace, and I know that even as the other half of the storm moves closer, the end will be a time of rebuilding and restoration. With every storm, I learn something new that helps me when the next storm shows up on my radar.


Perspectives: lightning strikes more than once

There’s an old saying that says lightning will never strike the same place twice. Recently when I was driving home, there was a storm about to start. I watched as the sky lit up when lightning struck across the atmosphere. In that moment, I realized the significance of lightning.

For those of you who have never heard of the Smithton Outpouring, it all started on March 24, 1996, when my pastor Steve Gray was hit with the power of God, a moment that has been coined “lightning from heaven.” Like most moves of God, people often said that it could never happen again, that what happened on Smithton, MO, couldn’t happen to the same group relocated to Kansas City. They were wrong.

From 2008 til 2012, World Revival Church hosted another updraft of the move of God while on Daystar Friday nights. You see, it’s just a myth that lightning can’t strike twice. In reality, lightning can strike the same place many times during the same storm. Lightning will strike the places that attracts it.

There’s something stirring in my church again, and I can see that it’s the energy building as the lightning of heaven is about to touch earth. Can a move of God happen in the same church three times? Only when the people are positioned to attract the lightning.