We all have standards of some sort, whether it’s higher or lower in comparison to the standards of others. We all have those lines that we know we shouldn’t cross, but we cross them anyway and regret it later. I know lines that I’ve crossed that I never should have, and it takes more time to recover than it’s worth.

I was recently reminded about standards that God has set for us in the Bible. In some areas of life, we have to rely on the Holy Spirit to help us draw the lines, but there are others that God doesn’t leave up for debate. The problem is, most Christians have crossed over that line, into the land of “no return.” They give their approval and support to lifestyles that contradict what they say they believe.

There’s a big difference between showing the love of God and showing approval. I can love you without approving of the things you do that keep you bound and hold you back. We think by giving our approval, we’re being tolerant, but we’re not called to be tolerant in the world’s eyes. We’re called to love through God’s eyes.

Love wants God’s best for people. Love is willing to pray for people and fight for their freedom, even if they don’t know how to fight for themselves. Love sees how the power of God can bring life to those who are desperate and broken. Just because I love you doesn’t mean I agree. I agree with God’s Word, and that’s a line I’m not willing to cross.