I absolutely love starting new projects and ideas. Whenever I get inspiration for something, I want to work on it right away, getting it down on paper or canvas or whatever medium is required to bring life to the idea. I love new projects so much that I have a growing list of unfinished projects all over the place. Finishing something requires so much more perseverance than starting.

But half finished projects don’t really add anything to your life. You can’t release a half-written song or publish a half-written book. I think that’s one of the main things that sets apart amateurs from professionals. Amateurs have no problem starting things, but professionals have experience at completing and finishing. Professionals persevere until the end.

Finishing also requires having a goal in mind, not just wandering aimlessly. For instance, I’m less than 5,000 words away from completing my first novel. Friends, that is not an easy feat in the slightest. I can’t tell you how many hours of typing and research I’ve pushed through to get to this point, and the end is near.

It’s not good enough just to start things. This will be the first story that I’ve written to completion, and it’s a sign that I’ve finally stepped into who I’m called to be as a writer. When my friends and family get to read what I’ve poured months of my life into, I can say that I crossed the finish line.