I’m American. I was born here, raised here, and still live on American turf. I’ve seen both coasts and was born on one side. But I can also trace when my family moved to America, especially since I’m the first generation to be born here. I have parents who are now citizens who came here legally. And I can say that most Americans have no idea how fortunate they are to be here.

I do realize that there was once a time when someone like me, both a woman and a person of mixed ethnicities, wouldn’t have the rights that I have today. But having rights doesn’t make a person free. In the Kingdom of God, we have rights and authority as sons and daughters of the living God, yet most Christians aren’t living in freedom.

It’s one thing to have a say in your government, and it’s another thing to use it. Being able to vote is a right, but you actually have to register and vote in order to step into that freedom. The problem with America isn’t that we have too many rights (although there are some things that shouldn’t be legalized), but that so few of us actually live in freedom.

Too many of us are bound by our anxieties, fear, love of money, sickness, etc. Freedom isn’t a default, but it’s intentionality. I don’t live chained to depression because I know I’ve been set free, and I’ve chosen to live in freedom. And sometimes it’s a fight to stay free. I’m thankful to live in America because I do have rights, rights that when coupled with walking in freedom open the doors to change the world.