Technology is great, and it makes life convenient and easier, but technology is not an excuse to get lazy. A girl worth marrying is a girl worth pursuing, and technology hasn’t been doing you any favors. Many of you have become lazy and timid, hiding behind online messengers instead of talking to us face-to-face.

I love what my gadgets and devices enable me to do, but deep down, I’m still old-fashioned. I still want a guy who will write me handwritten notes and leave them places where I’ll find them. I still like the idea of flowers randomly showing up, especially when I’ve had a rough day. I take delight in body language, sarcasm, puns, and wit, not just typed up, but spoken in the moment with the right tone of subtle flirtation. I still adore poetry.

And if all that intimidates you, what makes you think you could survive a lifetime with me? Because that’s not really asking for much. In fact, those things are very little, small compared to the big things. That’s how things were just a generation ago when cell phones were few and far between.

I’m not saying you can’t call or text. But if that’s your main avenue of pursuit, the way you try to make an impression, you won’t reap the results that you want. Because I don’t want to be attached to my phone all the time. Girls like me know our worth, and it might cost you more time and effort up front. But I can assure you, that if you get a girl like me, it’ll be worth it.