With the fifth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean premiering in theaters later this month, the idea of pirates searching for hidden treasure is fresh in my mind. In the typical pirating story, there’s a map that indicates where one should go in order to find the location to start searching and digging. Usually the treasure is something that’s worth the effort.

A few days ago I was at an all-day songwriting gathering, and we encountered a plethora of writer’s block and wrestling as we spent hours writing songs. Just the night before we had heard a sermon about digging and redigging wells, and our senior pastors had even made us a video to encourage us. Our leadership wanted us to have to work hard to write these songs.

There are moments when things come easily and you don’t have to work hard for them, but then there are moments when you have to fight in order to see something to the end. While I do appreciate the moments that are easy, I’ve learned to appreciate the times when I have to dig to find the treasure.

That song that many of us dug to write is only in the beginning phases, but it’s one that I’m proud of have been a part of forming. It’s a song that can go places and impact the lives of people because it came from hearts that have dedicated their lives to finding the treasure and sharing it with others. So follow the map, but be willing to get your hands dirty to find the gold that lies under the surface.