When you stand in front of a fire, it’s hard to imagine where it started, how one spark in the right environment could evolve into a flame. We have the tendency to overlook the small beginnings and only look for big fires. But no matter how large, every fire starts in the same place.

I remember a time in my life back when I was in high school where I was working at a kids camp. I was eating lunch with some of the other workers when conversation started about revivals in history and revivals that were prophesied to come. That was the moment in my life where a spark was ignited. It wasn’t very big, but it was the meager beginning of something new.

Additional moments like that later turned sparks into a flame large enough to sustain itself. I’m not really sure if I had any idea where my choices were leading, but by some miracle, I ended up in the best place I possibly could have. Without the sparks though, who know where I would be or who I would be right now.

So start small. If there’s something you’re passionate about and a project you want to pursue, don’t be afraid of the small beginnings. Yes, the sparks are the hardest part of the process to keep going, but once it grows, all the work is worth it.