Fun fact: chopping onions doesn’t make me cry. It might be because I wear contacts, but I know of others who also do who can’t seem to keep their tear ducts in check when onions are around. Any of us who have cooked with onions are familiar with the layers that never seem to end. Our hearts are the same way.

While in World Revival School of Ministry, one thing that was brought up every now and then was how like an onion, we are peeled off layer by layer. The more layers you pull off, the better the onion tastes. The process of peeling comes from allowing God to make you more vulnerable. The peeling of an old layer exposes what was underneath.

Just like an onion though, the peeling process never seems to end. I’ve been in revival for over four and a half years, and I still have layers pulled off almost every weekend. The longer you go without peeling, the harder the outer layer gets and the deeper you have to peel until things are juicy and tasteful again.

Vulnerability isn’t a one-time process, but rather a lifetime journey that can change with the seasons. God can use different people and situations to cause us to get to that place of dependency on Him and even the other believers around us. No matter how far I get, I’ll always be an onion.