Most of us have been on road trips, whether short or lasting days. Even those who prefer to travel by train, plane, or bus know the difference between a pit stop and the destination. When we know what the destination looks like, it’s not hard to differentiate the journey from the end. Problem is, in life, people rarely know the difference.

We’ve all battled with the thought, “What if it’s like this forever?” We’re all guilty of letting the past and present be an indication of the future. While life does move in seasons that tend to feel like they drag on, sometimes we forget the importance of the wilderness.

Many times the wilderness was a time of preparation, a time where one would learn to trust in God alone. Drought causes you to look to Him as the Provider. Hunger causes you to look to Him as your sustenance. Too many people complain in the wilderness instead of turning their eyes to the one who will lead them out.

The wilderness is just a pit stop. When you really dig into the Bible, His desire was never to leave them in the wilderness of ruins. His end goal has always been restoration and prosperity. Over and over again He promises that at the destination, there will be rivers of streams that bring life and make everything fruitful. Restoration has always been the destination.