I have been doing so much extra reading and listening over the past few days that I haven’t taken the time to write this or really anything else. I know all of us are familiar with the phrase, “Readers are leaders,” but I feel like I live in a generation where most people would rather watch something on Netflix in their spare time or watch a YouTube video to learn something.

But there’s a power in reading something and even reading something out loud that we sometimes miss. You see, even the book of Romans made sure that they knew that their faith is built on hearing the word of God. While listening to sermons and audio Bibles is good, we are the most convinced when we hear our own voices saying something.

But reading, whether out loud or to yourself, exercises your imagination, something that watching things won’t. But I think that’s connected to why reading is important. Those with a vivid imagination who know how to act on their ideas are the ones who create new things. Creating is something that happens both through action and declaration.

So, I have to make time in my schedule to read because I don’t want my imagination to go dull. I want my mind to be fully engaged with my surroundings and what God’s doing around me. If He will do much more than I can ask or imagine, then I’m going to make sure my imagination is constantly expanding.