So, this past weekend has been one full of family, friends and celebrations because my birthday was this past week. Even though I’m still at an age where I look forward to my birthdays because I’m not that old, I know it’s a common thing to start to dread aging. There’s this idea in our culture that it’s good to be young and stay young.

While I do see the advantages of being young based on what others have told me, I also know that birthdays hold significance, even if it’s not one that gains you anything legally. Someone that I admire once said that to her, getting older meant that she was getting wiser and more mature.

I think the problem is that people aren’t getting mature, because those who have become mature know the value in it. It’s not that we’re incapable of being mature, but there’s a false mindset that it’s mutually exclusive, that we can’t be both young and mature. So then, people choose to be young all the while their bodies are aging with time.

Do I feel older? Yes, but I’ve felt older for a while. I might still be young in the eyes of others, but my outward appearance of youth won’t stop me from gaining wisdom and maturity. After all, age is just a number.