You know your generation is laid back when “Netflix and chill” is considered part of the daily routine. While there are some who don’t understand what hard work means, that doesn’t apply to everyone, and work looks different now than it used to with the rise and increase of technology. Now, entire companies are being built at people’s fingertips as they type away.

Even in churches, most have a very laid back feel as millennials show up in their hipster gear and sip their embellished coffee. Truth is, any of us don’t know what it is to really fight for something that we believe in because we either have things given to us or we give up in the middle of the battle.

Overall, I think we are in a season where things are being rebuilt and restored. The battle isn’t the same that it was for the generation before us. One of the things that we see in Nehemiah though is that there is always resistance to the rebuilding of something magnificent. He and some of the remnant were rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, and they were met with constant battles. They even started building with one hand while holding a sword in the other.

The fight might be different and we might be doing more building than wielding a sword, but we should never completely drop our swords. There will always be things that we have to fight, even if it’s just the voices of fear and doubt. There will always be those that try to oppose the plans of God. No matter what the season, the sword will never be irrelevant to what’s going on.