Okay, so spring is on it’s way for some of us, but if you live where I live, it was warm enough to wear shorts outside today. While there are many things about spring that I love, including the flowers and the grass growing again, it also brings along bugs. The point is though, spring and summer are some of the best times to eat fruit.

One thing that I appreciate about my pastors is that they have challenged our church body to expect the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. If the Holy Spirit is really living in us, there should be evidence in the way we live our lives and interact with others. Those who have the Spirit produce fruit, and even Paul reminded the Galatians of that.

We can run into problems though when we confuse the fruit of the Spirit with human decency. Most of us have a habit of lowering the standard for ourselves while expecting higher standards from others. We allow ourselves to worry when we should have peace, but think that others who aren’t Christians should have more patience. Human decency isn’t the same as showing the fruit of the Spirit.

Human decency is something that we should expect from everyone, but it’s unreasonable for us to expect the fruit of the Spirit from those who aren’t of the Spirit. A good person isn’t the same as a godly person, but those who claim to be of God should have the fruit to back it up.