Last night was one of the biggest nights in American sports: the Super Bowl. Once a year on the first Sunday of February, people host parties with pizza and wings to watch the last NFL game of the season. For some, this is the bittersweet moment where they watch their favorite teams battle it out. For others, this is the only game they’ll watch all season, and they’ll pay more attention to the commercials.

I follow football enough to know what’s going on, but not enough to actually watch the games and know individual players that much. But I knew enough to know that I don’t like the Patriots. It’s not a hatred like it is for some people. I just don’t like them, but I’m impartial to the Falcons. It was much more exciting for me last year when the Broncos played.

History was made, whether you liked the outcome or not. For the first time 51 years, a Super Bowl game went into overtime. What started out as a fairly boring game turned into one that had funs screaming at their TVs. One team proved that the game isn’t over until the clock is out.

Some celebrate while others mourn, and I sit here and think, “I can’t even remember who won half the games I’ve watched.” Maybe it’s because I’m not big football fan, but I think there’s another reason behind it. Even though the Patriots won yet again, life goes on. A year from now, it’ll be old news. And let’s be real: the best part was Lady Gaga.