Like many people, I live in the Midwest, and this past weekend has been an interesting one. For one, our governor issued a state of emergency because of an impending ice storm. Numerous schools in my metro are cancelled school on Friday or had early release. Bread and other groceries were quickly snatched from the shelves from many stores on Thursday night and Friday. 

But guess what! The ice didn’t start until Friday night. By Saturday afternoon, streets that were pretreated were safe to drive on. The dangerous ice that everyone was worried about didn’t actually come until Saturday night, at least in my area. Granted, there were other parts of Missouri that started having problems on Friday.

Several people that I know went into extreme preparation mode when they heard about the forecast, but I’ve lived in Missouri long enough to know that forecasts can quickly change. A combination of patterns and statistics can cause a lot of panic. But what did I do?

I definitely waited until Saturday to get my groceries. Not only were the shelves restocked, but most of the usual weekend crowd was gone. I didn’t really do anything to prepare, especially since there’s only so much you can do apart from pray. Except, prayer is the most powerful thing you can do, and I think it made a difference in how much of this storm hit where I live.