I have never met anyone who didn’t at least try to make new year resolutions. All of us have at one point made goals of things we wanted to accomplish throughout the year. Losing weight is one of the most common ones. Something about the nostalgia of the ball drop makes us want to be different, to do something more significant.

Having visions and goals is actually a very good thing because you don’t go anywhere if you don’t have a destination in mind. We do end up with one of two problems on our hands though with these (and for some, they struggle with both).

First, most resolutions end up pipe dreams by the end of January. We quickly lose the motivation and determination that we had at the start, but then when January comes around again, we tend to have the same goals on the list. There’s a problem if we can’t even commit to something like eating healthier unless our lives depended on it.

Second, too many of us wait until the beginning of a new year to start making changes in our lives when a new beginning can happen any time of the year. Tomorrow can be the day that you decide to change, but for some reason, we think there’s something “magical” about waiting until the year is over.

Last year I didn’t make many goals, and although I didn’t do everything on my life, I still accomplished most of what I wanted to. This year, I have more to look forward to since I didn’t give up last year.