With the widespread accessibility and constant connection to the internet, we have a generation of young adults and teenagers who are always posting, always striving to gain more followers. YouTube has only increased with the number of people trying to get their name out there. Marketing has become more digital than ever. But the desire to want to be known for doing something great isn’t anything new; the way it’s executed is what’s changed.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being well-known or famous. One of the things God promises to Abraham in Genesis 12 is that He will make Abraham’s name great and famous. God doesn’t have a problem elevating those who follow His commands, but there’s a difference when you’re the one making yourself great and when God is the one making you great.

Recently, I’ve been reading the story of David again, and I came across an interesting event in 2 Samuel 20. Right after Absalom had been killed, another man named Sheba was trying to usurp the throne. David’s armies went after the threat, and there’s a wise woman mentioned who arranged for the Sheba’s head to be thrown over the city wall to stop the army from invading the city. She had enough influence in her community that they listened to her, and she become instrumental in helping David. In the end though, she remains nameless to us.

God used both that woman and Abraham, but most of us will only remember Abraham. Both were instrumental in advancing God’s Kingdom. The goal was never to become great, but to be obedient. Some of us may become well-known while others may remain nameless, but the most important thing is if God knows our name. That woman might be nameless to us, but I guarantee God knows who she is.