Let’s just settle this right now: all of us have our quirks. I don’t care who you are. Every single person has something that’s strange or unusual about them. The only difference is, some of us are more willing to admit this fact than others. Some spend their whole lives trying to hide the things that make them unique. Then again, others take weird to the extreme. That’s the world we live in. 

While listening to a podcast, I was recently reminded that some of the people who God uses to do incredible things are actually very weird people. Even when you look in the Bible, you can see people who had some strange quirks. Things that we consider very bizarre now happened all the time back then. I mean, John the Baptist was far from normal, but he became the forerunner for Jesus. 

We’ve all been guilty of writing off people who are overly strange, but God likes to use the people that no one expects big things from. Yes, He’ll use anyone who is willing, but those who are weird tend to be willing to go to any extreme that He asks of them, no matter that people think. Those who have learned to be live with their quirks aren’t afraid of what others will think, and that’s what makes them so usable to God.

I’m not telling you to purposefully be weird. Don’t be weird for the sake of being weird. But don’t try so hard to be “normal” and fit in because you want the approval of others. Be who God created you to be, and be willing to do whatever it takes to do what He asks of you. That’s when you can be used for greatness.