It’s a common saying that we should choose our battles, and usually someone tells us that when they think we’re emphasizing a problem that isn’t significant. We have a mix of people who tend to be one extreme or the other: some people want to fight every issue that comes up while others refuse to fight anything at all. Both mindsets are a problem.

There are Christians who believe that everything that goes wrong in life, every financial setback, every person who doesn’t like them, is an attack of the devil. Truth is, sometimes that’s just life and you’re giving him credit for something that may actually be your fault or no one’s fault at all. We live in an imperfect world; nothing will ever be perfect as long as there’s an underlying battle between light and darkness.

Others are the other end of the pendulum. “What’s meant to be will be.” If that were the case, God wouldn’t have given us freewill. Sickness isn’t something that’s “meant to happen.” Disease is something that we can actively prevent and pray against. There are situations where God is waiting for us to declare and speak against the plot of the enemy. Who knows how different the world could be if we actually fought for the victories that God has given us the authority to win.

Some situations are battles that we should fight. Healing is something we should always be fighting for. We should always fight for what’s good and right, but we also need to recognize that the goal is to win the long game. David didn’t become king by fighting every time he ran into Saul. He played strategically and patiently, and God made the way for him to become king. Pick your battles, but choose the right battles.