America, the land of the free, the home of the grave. At least, that’s what we claim. Yet, so many Americans live in fear. So many live in bondage, whether it’s drowning in debt or being dependent on the government. You can’t call yourself free if your joy is determined by the actions of other people.

This past week, history was made in America once again, and there’s protesting. Not protesting the way our forefathers did or for the reasons they did. They threw tea in the harbor because their government on the other side of the ocean was taxing EVERYTHING. That’s not what’s happening now. People are actually protesting a system that they agree with when it works in their favor. But there have been protests all throughout this year.

Trump and Hillary didn’t cause this division; they’re not powerful enough to do that. The President of the United States will never have enough power to ruin your life; the three branch system was set up to prevent that. This election isn’t the problem, but it’s made the problem very obvious. We the people of the United States are the reason why there’s division. We the people are the ones who have allowed civil unrest, and this didn’t happen overnight. It’s been happening for years.

I didn’t vote for Trump. I didn’t vote for Hillary. I didn’t vote for the third party candidates either. I didn’t vote based on person or party. I voted based on the change I wanted to see, not just the next four years, but for the future beyond that. I voted based on faith that God can do something in this nation, no matter who’s in office.