I fall under the category of people who really likes new things. I’ll admit right now that I’m one of those people who preordered the new MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar. When I get new clothes, I want to wear them right away. But I also know when something should be fixed rather than being thrown away. Just last weekend I fixed a broken lightbulb in a light fixture. Now the belt in my dryer needs fixing.

One of the good and bad things about my generation is that we really like to have the newest thing. The good side is that when God does something new that looks different than what we expected, the culture of my generation is likely to embrace it the same way that we’ve embraced all the changes in technology. We’re quick to adapt to the newest thing.

While there are older generations who will also adapt to the new, there are some who try to hold onto the old as much as possible. I have respect for those who are older and wiser than I am, but there are times that we can miss what God wants to do right now if we hold onto the “old pattern.” Any of us can be guilty of that, but I think the more seasoned generations have a higher chance of it. Let’s be real; people are mad about the iPhone 7 missing a headphone jack while there are still people who don’t even have smart phones.

God is getting ready to do a new thing on the earth, and it could look like anything. I’m willing to roll with the punches if it means being in the midst of revival. I refuse to miss what God can do in my life because I tried to hold onto my own ideas of what it looked like in the past. He’s doing a new thing so let’s embrace it instead of fighting it.