Guys, I’m guilty. I often only work on projects when I feel inspired. Whether it’s a song I’m writing or a painting that I’ve started, I sometimes lose interest before I’m finished. Often I’ll go back and finish it, but I’ll admit that I still have a scarf that I’ve been knitting for what will be the third winter. Not to mention the DIY chandelier that I gave up on before I figured it out. Sometimes it can be hard to work on things when we don’t feel inspired.

It’s funny how much inspiration can actually dictate what we feel passionate about in any given moment. It seems to be connected to our emotions and is often itself identified as an emotion that can easily be changed. Whenever I’ve approached it from that angle, I find myself starting many things that I don’t finish or that take me longer than they should.

Rather than seeing inspiration as an emotion, I’ve started seeing it as a state of being. There’s a difference between feeling inspired and being inspired. Being inspired carries the meaning that the source is something other than you. Being an inspired person allows you to live with an open mind to whatever God may speak to you that day. Emotions can no longer control what you feel motivated to do.

I’m not saying it’s one or the other because I think it’s a combination of both. I do know that I may still stay up til 4 am to finish a song, but at least I’m finishing it. If I choose to work on it the next night, it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped being inspired. It just simply means that inspiration doesn’t get to control me.