Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people who really needed patience in the list of the fruit of the Spirit, especially when I’m driving. I don’t even necessarily need to have everything right now, but I like to know how soon it’ll be. For instance, if I know that in three days I’ll get to go see a really cool movie, I’m completely content waiting because I know when it’ll happen. I can deal with delayed gratification if I know the timeframe; it’s the unknown that gets me.

But here’s a cool story! I really need a new laptop. At first, I wanted one, and I knew which one I wanted, but as the months have gone by, it’s become more important. There were two things that needed to happen though: 1) I needed the money to buy one and 2) the one I prefer to have hasn’t come out yet. I was getting really impatient about the money part because it wasn’t happening as much as I wanted it to. The same week I finally have the money turns out to be the same week the laptop I want is announced. I couldn’t have planned that better myself.

The timing wasn’t happening the way I wanted it to, but God usually has something else in mind. Sometimes when God is telling us to wait, there’s a good reason. Maybe the things you really want haven’t lined up yet because you’ll settle for less than the best instead of waiting for what you could really have. I think we often get frustrated because time is the one thing we can’t control.

God, on the other hand, exists outside of time. I can sit here and wonder how long it’ll be til I get married or until I see a breakthrough for my friends, but the time doesn’t confine Him. He sees more than we ever will, and He always knows best. We’re all a lot better off if we can take out impatience with the unknown and replace it with faith in the God outside of time.