Throughout my lifetime I’ve played the role of both an athlete and a musician. In both instances, I’ve learned how valuable practice is in order to get better. Both situations can also can be done individually or as a team. The common saying is “practice makes perfect. The truth of the matter is, perfection doesn’t really exist, making it an impossible goal. Excellence, however, is something that is achievable while also challenging.

Recently I was reminded how in worship, excellence of heart will lead to excellence of skill. Whenever our hearts and our characters are being fueled with the right motives, we’ll take the time to practice. I can remember times I wanted to quit something when it got hard, but then when my reason for doing it would change, practicing no longer had to be forced.

For instance, about ten years ago I almost gave up on learning guitar when it came go learning bar chords. I had no motivation to practice them, but it’s not something you can learn without practice. Then I discovered Hillsong and other worship songs that I really liked, and it became easy to practice because I wanted to be able to play those songs.

The truth is, people can tell if you’ve been practicing, whether it’s your heart, music, sports, etc. God has a way of backing up people who have taken the time to prepare beforehand. After all, David “practiced” killing a lion and a bear before he ever killed a giant.