Just yesterday morning during his sermon, Pastor Steve took a moment during his sermon to clarify some things about the role of women and wives. To summarize, women aren’t weaker than men spiritually because we all have the same Holy Spirit, but rather that physically women don’t have the same strength and stamina that men have (most of the time).

We live in a culture where many church denominations still limit a woman’s role in the church while the world is filled with extreme feminists. In addition all the confusion about where women stand can also cause confusion about the roles of men. It was never God’s intention for there to be competition between the two.

The part that really cleared things up though was when he explained how women often are worn out spiritually because they get worn out physically by trying to take care of everything. I would go further to say that some of us actually get worn down by constantly comparing ourselves to other people. In Lisa Bevere’s recent book Without Rival, she even states that there’s a constant war for the strength of our souls.

For both men and women, comparison can cause us to waste our energy trying to do live up to something other than what we are actually designed to do. So many of us haven’t stepped into our destinies because we’re too busy trying to have someone else’s. Instead of using our strength to put on something that was never supposed to fit, we can start to move forward when we find what is intended for us to carry.

P.S. If my thoughts seem jumbled, I’m still recovering from an intense conference weekend.