Lately one of my pastors did a sermon about recovery as part of the process of personal and corporate revival. It’s been a constant topic ever since Pastor Kathy Gray spoke on it, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.

I’ve been here for over four years, and it would take a whole book to really tell everything in my life that I’ve seen restored and recovered. One of the most impactful things that I’ve seen recovered in my life is my song.

Throughout high school, I did a lot of songwriting as an outlet for everything I was feeling and going through. As much as I loved worship music, I struggled to write worship songs. When I moved to Kansas City, I was ready to be done with the worship ministry. But God was taking me through the process I needed to become what I’ve been created to be.

About nine months after being a part of World Revival Church, I started writing worship songs. Slowly, I was beginning to write the things I could never write as a teenager.

Now I’m writing songs that I can feel His breath on. The Holy Spirit had to tell me to take myself seriously as a songwriter, and now I’m finally at the point where I am. My song has been recovered.