A little over a week ago, I graduated with my Bachelors degree from World Revival School of Ministry. The whole day, from Pastor Aaron’s sermon to my valedictorian speech, there was a constant theme of what it means to change. Since many people weren’t at the graduation, I’ll share some of my speech with you.

“If there’s anything that Isaac, Kaitlynn, and I would agree on, it’s that a lot can change in three years. Transition is really just a fancy way of saying, ‘Hold on to dear life because things are about to change again.’ Good news is, we’ve survived that phrase many times in three years…

“Change is inevitable, because we’re always going to have to adjust ourselves to what God is going to do next. But even in the midst of the change, Pastors Steve and Kathy stayed the same. In the same way, many of our teachers haven’t changed because they haven’t changed their minds about who they’re going to be. Through all the times of transition, the vision for the school has been the same: to prepare and equip us to bring revival and the presence of God.

“Change is also good, especially if you want to be effective for God. I’m very glad that we’re not the same people we were in our first year.”

So many of us hate change, but we will never become the people we want to be if we don’t change. Change is what allows for advancement and progress. Embrace it, because you’ll never escape it.