I’ll just admit right now that this isn’t something that’s black and white. It’s something that’s learned and can change on the situation. But it needs to be said. I’m around a lot of young adults who are too serious about the wrong things and aren’t serious enough about the right things. It’s a learning process, and even the oldest of people are still learning this.

For instance, I’ve seen someone my age express negativity towards the “loving my single life posts” that are on social media. I tried to point out that they were missing the whole purpose behind them because it’s supposed to be fun. There was nothing harmful about it; in fact, it was very encouraging because I saw a lot of my friends celebrate the season of singleness rather than complaining.

There are things that we can have the wrong attitude towards when we take ourselves too seriously. On the other hand, there are a lot of things that are normal to people my age that I don’t think we take seriously enough. Maybe the best way to say it is to not take yourself seriously, but do take God seriously.

If it’s something that’s fun and doesn’t harm your relationship with God, what you feel called to, or your character, then have fun. But there are some things that we need to be serious about because they affect our ability to influence the lives of others. If someone heard or saw and it would make them question your character, take it seriously.

Perhaps we can be too serious about the things we know people can see and not serious enough about the things we think no one will know.