A week ago I went on a young adult camping and float trip at a campground just outside the town where I grew up. When you’re stuck in the outdoors, it can be easy to focus on things such as how hard the ground is or how far away the bathrooms are. It wasn’t until we had finished making mac & cheese and cobbler over the fire that I remembered what I loved most about camping…the stars.

Living in the city we often forget or don’t realize just how many stars are out there. Out in the middle of nowhere, I could see them clearly, along with shooting stars and some of the Milky Way glow. Something that seems so insignificant in our daily lives was just the beginning of God’s promises to Abraham.

It’s easy to look at what we’re doing and think it’s insignificant because it seems little. God’s promises can seem little while we’re waiting for them to be fulfilled. What we’re doing right now may seem unrelated to what we want to be doing. One of my favorite lessons from being in the school of worship was when Pastor Eric reminded us, “Don’t despise the small beginnings.”

It’s the small things that prepare us for the big things. Killing the bear and lion are what trained David to kill Goliath. Handling your own finances now might be what’s preparing you to own your own business one day. The small beginnings are what prove to God and other people that you can handle the bigger assignments. Don’t forget to enjoy the little things, because it’s the little things that make the journey.