This is the lesson that most of us know, but don’t like to be reminded of. This is the concept that sets apart the worship one-hit-wonders from the legends and forerunners. This is the reason why school of ministry is a good idea. This is the post about character.

It doesn’t matter what class it is, whether it’s Minor Prophets or Church Marketing; every class that I’ve had at World Revival School of Ministry has been a test of character. Homework is a test of character. The problem with my generation is that we’d rather use microwaves than the oven. We look up the fastest route to get somewhere. We think talent is enough to get to do the things we want to do for God.

Anyone can sing q song, but few singers know how to pull down the presence of God. God’s not after the most talented or most qualified, but He after someone who has His character and hears His heart. That’s why thousands of years later, we aspire to be like David while we are warned not to be like Saul.

But it’s also good news. Not everyone has natural born musical abilities, but any of us can decide to let God change and form our character. I’ve even heard of people being given talents supernaturally after letting God form their character. The world doesn’t need more singers. The world needs more godly leaders.