For some people, high school could be described as “the good ole days.” I am not one of those people. There were some really good moments, but I wouldn’t ever go back. One thing I do miss is playing sports. Half of the year I played volleyball on my school’s team (I was team captain my senior year), and the other half I spent on the softball field.

Playing sports for so many years of my life, I was a fairly competitive person. I didn’t like to lose, especially when it was something that should have been avoided. The good side about playing team sports is that you learn the importance of every person doing their part (but that’s another blog post for another day). The bad side is when that same competitive drive starts to take over other parts of life.

In addition to playing sports, I also did well academically and always strove to be the best. That works well in a small school, but once you get to a state college, it’s a whole different ball field. Competition can also cause division when it comes into a family, especially a church family. It’s good and healthy to want to get better and be your best, but the drive to be the best will harm you and the people around you.

Musicians and other creatives often are guilty of comparing themselves to others. To all my fellow worshippers out there: we are on the same team. We should all have the same goal and purpose of bringing honor and worship to God. As members of the same team, we should be helping each other, not comparing and tearing down. We all win when we fight against the darkness together.