Whether we want to accept it or not, 2016 is about halfway over now. This year is different from what I expected. People that I know in my church body have lost someone, and it’s affected all of us. Though they were different ages, none of them should have died. Despite that, I’ve seen a strength and peace in those families that only makes sense with God.

I will never be okay with death. It’s unnatural, and we were never created to die or be separated from our bodies. We weren’t even created for sickness and disease. God’s intentions have always been for us to live in wholeness and prosperity. His intentions were also for us to be in relationship with Him and His goodness. Death and sickness exist because we live in a world where people are choosing something apart from His goodness. He can’t always get His way and let us choose at the same time.

Even though we experience death and heartache, God hasn’t changed who He is. Even though we as Christians still experience the reality of death, Jesus came and did something about it. Those in relationship with Him fight for His presence and Kingdom here on earth, but even in death, we get to stay in His presence. The most tragic thing that could happen to one of us is still victory for Him because we’re not separated from Him.

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are or what we see. God’s character and nature to heal and give life is more real than what we can see. Sometimes I know someone isn’t going to make it, but I fight for them anyway because I know who He is truth. What we feel as a loss is still His victory.