I go to a church where we often are reminded about the power of our words, both good and bad. Every school of ministry student has learned the proverb, “life and death is in the power of the tongue.” So many people know this, but fail to live this. I recently realized that he truth of this two sides of the same coin.

First of all, we were created in the image of God. He created us to be like Him, and He created using His words. Over and over again in the Bible, it’s reiterated how valuable God’s word is. His word never fails, so why would we think that our words are any different? We were created to be like the Creator.

God is also King, and His intentions have always been for us to rule with Him and have dominion. Whenever a king decrees something, it’s expected to happen throughout His Kingdom. If we truly believe that we’ve been given dominion, we should treat our words as if they were decrees that even creation will follow.

So what does this mean? Every word that I speak is either helping or hindering my life and the Kingdom. Not only do I have to be careful about what I say when others are around, but I also have to be aware of what I say when I’m by myself. The standard is even higher because I’m growing as a leader. Even if it’s sarcastic, if it’s hurtful, it’s still destroying. I’m learning when to bite my tongue and when to say something, and it’s a lesson all of us have to go through multiple times.


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