I never really knew how much I could learn about God from getting fit until I did it. Yes, I lost 40 pounds, and I’ve been maintaining it for 6 months now. But developing healthy habits was actually preparing me for something else that I haven’t seen the fullness of yet.

Doing my part in being healthy is taking care of what God has given me in order to function on the earth. He created our bodies and considers it just as important as the other parts of us. I believe in trying to be fit almost as much as I believe that God desires to heal (as a side note, if I wake up sick, I declare healing over myself then get ready for the day and it usually works).

I really want to encourage you to ask God for yourself what He thinks about this. He definitely gave me the grace I needed to keep doing it. Also, healthy habits now also mean being able to physically withstand more in the future. Worship leading can be hard on your body, and I want to be able to pull a Catherine Mullins every once in a while without passing out afterwards (keeping up with her is like doing worship cardio).

Ultimately, you’re going to be able to do more longer when you take care of the physical aspects of who you are. Character and spiritual health are important too, but they’re also tied with how you take care of your body. God wants all of us healed, whole, and fully functioning the way He created.

P.S. If you have a physical condition that makes it hard for you to physically do what should be normal, I just want to speak the healing and life of God over your body. Healing is right (check out the Healing Is Right app as well)