The curiosity had finally taken over the fear of knowing. I stepped on the scale in my roommate’s bathroom, and the number that came up was one I never expected to see. I had to change something right now. I’d noticed clothes getting tighter, but I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten til I put a number to it.

I spent many years of my life never feeling comfortable in my own skin. Even though I stayed fairly fit playing sports, I would always look in the mirror and find faults. I was also very sensitive to what the scale said my weight was and whether I had a healthy BMI (body mass index).

The problem is, losing weight and wearing makeup doesn’t fix a broken identity. When I decided to lose weight, I was deciding that no matter what, I was going to appreciate the way I’m created. In studying different things about body types, I gained an appreciation for the way God made me.

Now over a year later, I’m still learning to enjoy the things about me that God took delight in when He created me. It’s no longer about finding something that I like about myself, but about taking care of what God has created. Life is easier to enjoy with a healthy body and healthy identity.