Lately I’ve found myself struggling with what to listen to in the car. We live in a world where new worship music is constantly being produced and released, to the point that ¬†everyone wants to be like the “next big thing.” Worship teams everywhere are learning the new Bethel and Elevation Worship songs. While I’m thankful that there’s so much out there, I’ve found myself getting tired of most worship songs.

There are some very powerful songs that have come out in the past few months, but with that there is a large culture of upcoming musicians who aspire to be those people. Instead of developing who they are, they spend their times trying to be just like their role models. Problem is, there’s already one of them. God doesn’t need two Jenn Johnsons; He already has one.

I’m tired of most worship songs because I’m tired of depending on other people’s words to describe and define my experiences with God. If I’m really encountering the presence of God in new and greater ways, I should be able to write new and fresh songs about those experiences. If I’m made in the image of the Creator, I should be creating, not mimicking.

I might be tired of leading¬†most worship songs, but I’m very excited about the songs that I’ve been writing in this current season. My frustration only fuels my creativity and originality, and it’s about time I really step into the role of the songwriter.