Finals week in my second quarter at World Revival School of Ministry was procrastination at its finest. I remember texting my other classmates as we all wrote our papers for two classes the night before it was due. Sleep always takes a backseat when there’s an impending deadline in the morning.

Since then, I’ve gotten better about managing most of my assignments. Being in two colleges full time at the same time is nearly impossible if you procrastinate too often. While hashing out some things, I realized why procrastination is important to experience every once in a while. Procrastination isn’t a sin, but it will reveal your priorities.

Because I know God has called me to do WRSM, I started making homework there a higher priority than other things. Anything that God tells us to do should always take priority. It’s part of being faithful with our time, which is little because it’s something everyone has that they can be faithful with. Managing time is like managing that one talent in the parable from the gospels. All of us have 24 hours, but we leverage it differently. It’s all about our priorities.

Next time you’re procrastinating on something that should be important, maybe you should evaluate whether or not it’s actually a priority. We all make time for what’s important to us.


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